M I L O   B E N   E T T A


    Name: - Milo
    Birthdate: - Tuesday, May 20 2003
    Age: - 14 years, 5 months, 29 days


    Name: - Ben
    Birthdate: - Monday, February 13 2006
    Age: - 11 years, 9 months, 5 days


    Name: - Etta
    Birthdate: - Monday, April 28 2008
    Age: - 9 years, 6 months, 21 days

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News Journal

(Tuesday, April 29 2008)

Fred and Merritt are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter.... Etta Kimball Kyunghee Chung! 7lbs 5oz 19 inches 10:25am, April 28, 2008 Etta and her momma are doing very well. Milo and Ben are excited to have a baby sister in ...more

(Saturday, February 16 2008)

Milo and Ben are completely different from each other. Milo has a tough time with transition. Ben has no problem, very easy going and goes with the flow. You tell Milo not to do something once and he listens. Ben... ...more

(Monday, August 27 2007)

Everyone is well. Merritt is on the Board of Directors at Milo’s preschool. Milo is getting taller and smarter. Ben is asserting his independence. Fred is the family chef. MILO Milo lost his two front (baby) teeth, ...more

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